The main part of my work has been portraiture. During the past decade most of my work has derived from my interest in both heritage breed livestock, such as black icelandic and wiltshire sheep and charolais cattle with a hope for the preservation of these animals.

More recently, my travels have introduced me to Rocky Mountain and Alaskan wild animals such as bighorn sheep and white arctic wolves. I have also been a bird enthusiast for many years, noticeable in my work.

My paintings are many layers of oil paint on canvas mounted on board. Many are full sized portraits of large animals, as large as eight feet in height. The work is both stylized and referential to things in the real world. The animals in the paintings face the viewer straight on and are very evocative.

Polar Bear
86 x 63

Arctic Wolf and Three Stellar Jays
50 x 44

ivory gull
66 X 44

ivory gull and the raven
88 x 66

white wolf and red fox
50 x 44

oystercatcher and the mountain goat
40 x 24

white calf, sebastian and dolce
66 x 88

gus and uka
66” x 88”

3 charolaise
88 x 66”

angus calf
50 x 44”

88 x 66

angus calf
30 x 26

dolce and the snow goose
52 x 46


doumo and the cotswold
70 x 48

Black icelandic and Rooster
36" x 60"

dolce and portia
52 x 46

portia and the oven bird
24 x 34

white calf
24 x34

24 x 30

great horned owl and black icelandic
30 x 40

baltimore oriole on black icelandic sheep 24x24

steller jay and white wolf 24x24

steller jay on top of a sheep 24x24